Bryan Fauquembergue

IT scientist and fireman

Personal data


Date of birth

30 Jun 1998


608 route des prières, Seythenex, France


+33(0)6 95 42 83 44


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Objective - Arrow Objective - Target

Technical skills

Personal and managing skills

Personal and managing skills - Manage time Personal and managing skills - Organization

Work experience

SDIS 74 - Logo

In progress

Fireman (four years in formation since sep 2011, then trained fireman in oct 2015) - SDIS74,Faverges, France :
Individual project
Missions : Realizing persons, possessions and environment protection

Rope Up ! - Logo

In progress

Rope Up ! (Online representation of mountains association) - Annecy, France :
Team project (recent start-up)
Missions : Structuring the database mainly, developing back-end functionnalities in a second time

Fermiers de France - Logo

In progress

Fermiers de France (e-commerce selling local products) - Annecy, France :
Team project (Second-year university project)
Missions : Restructuring the website, append functionnalities

Gala 2018 - Logo

Mar 2018

Inter-BDE (students association in IUT Annecy) - Annecy, France :
Team project (association project)
Missions : Organizing annual gala of IUT Annecy as logistic responsible (813 participants)

Gala 2017 - Logo

Mar 2017

Inter-BDE (students association in IUT Annecy) - Annecy, France :
Team project (association project)
Missions : Organized annual gala of IUT Annecy as logistic member (813 participants)

Laserbot - Logo

Jun 2016

Laserbot (battle communicating and physical bot online) - Ugine, France :
Team project (Last-year high school project)
Missions : Realized bot, network and servers (innovation academic price of Grenoble)

Student Life Council - Logo

Sep 2015

Foundation of students life council (students representation and projects association) - Ugine, France :
Team project (association project)
Missions : Purposed solutions for mentionned problems, and created activities for students

Sondage website - Logo

Sep 2015

Sondage website (in students life council of René Perrin high school) - Ugine, France :
Team project (association project)
Missions : Realized database, functionnalities and mainly design, and eased work for each person in high school

Education and qualification

Jun 2018

DUT Informatique (2-year university diploma in computer science)
IUT Annecy - Annecy-le-vieux, France

Oct 2017

French firemen certificate (specialization in road rescue)
SDIS 74 - Epagny fire station, France

Jul 2016

French Baccalaureate SSI (High School diploma specialized in science and computer engineering) with honors
René Perrin High School - Ugine, France

Dec 2016

National champion certificate of Castor Informatique (36 algorithms and logic enigma to realize in short time)
France-IOI - Paris, France

Oct 2015

French firemen certificate (in fire hazards prevention and first aid and rescue)
SDIS 74 - Faverges fire station, France



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